WouldEarn moneyBy becoming a reseller

 IPTV subscriptions?


 Become a reseller of IPTV subscriptions, earn extra income with our IPTV service, our offers are advantageous and your customers will never be disappointed, our IPTV server is managed by the most powerful streaming media management system Xtream-Panel.


There are several reasons to become a reseller. Here are some advantages:

 No technical know-how required.

  • Define your own profit margin
  • Low investment with only 300euro
  • Total control over your customers ' subscriptions
  • Start your own IPTV business now and earn more than €10,000/month.
  • A wide walk (50 million people in the world are currently using the IPTV system)


GoIPTV: The best choices for reseller IPTV

 More than 4000 HD channels and 4000 VOD

Channel quality: You'll be impressed. Channel quality such as SD, HD, FHD that are available. There is no freeze or bug even during peak hours. Surfing between canal is very fast and easy.

 Classification: Our list of more than 4000 channels has been sorted by country.

 Sport: You can get Football all major leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga, Serie A and many others) NHL, NFL, NBA, Golf...


Would you like to become an IPTV dealer?

 Become a Partner  Go-IPTV and earn extra income with our serious offers, our dedicated servers are the most powerful on the market and the prices are the most advantageous, your customers will be satisfied and never disappointed.

 We will provide you with access to our panel to be able to add, manage and activate the IPTV subscriptions of your customers easily, from your first order you go to receive a special support 24h/24 and 7d/7 for you assisted on the use of our Panel.

 With the Xtream Codes panel, you can: 

  • Create the test accounts for your customers.
  • Extend line: After the test time, you can easily renew your expired customers via the reseller panel.
  • MAG Device: Configuration of accounts for MAG devices and management of the mag device.
  • View the activities of your customers (see the channels that it watches in real time, consult the statistics).
  • Edit, pause, stop each desired subscription in one click.
  • Access your panel from your smartphone with any Web browser.


GoIPTV Price for Dealer:

 When you become our IPTV dealer, you purchase credits to charge your IPTV reseller account. You can recharge your panel at any time if you need it.

 Trial: Free

 6 months: 20 credits

 12 months: 30 credits

 300 points = 10 IPTV subscriptions from 12months

 NB: 10 Tests of 48h per day



 Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Western Union or credit card.  

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